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Aptitude Test – Free Test To Choose The Career You Love

by aptitude test aditya

Important Note: This article was written by a contributor/reader of my website.  Contributor/reader opinions contain valuable insight and certainly worth reading.  With that said, contributor opinions may or may not not represent my own personal opinions. If you are searching for a career you love- enter your email on this page and get my free “6 Proven Steps To Choosing The Lucrative Career You Love In 15 Days” mini course.  Best-Matt

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”


These words by Albert Einstein superbly summarizes the dilemma the world is stuck in. In fact, people are stranded in dead-end jobs or leading stressful careers because of this one reason — wrong choice of career or vocation. This is where an aptitude test can come into the picture.


Some people, by default, choose the right career, some go through various experiences before it dawns on them which career is a right fit for them and the third group, blindly keep walking through life. All along believing that choosing the right career is a ‘tough job’.


It doesn’t have to be that way. There is ONE way to get to know what is it that your heart truly desires, your true calling in life. Online aptitude tests are one such solution to not only students confused about choosing a career or where their interests lie, but also helpful to adults in the workforce, to help them re-examine and rediscover their inherent motivations and inclinations.


Let’s explore more deeply how exactly to find out what career is the right fit for an individual person.


Let’s explore what a free aptitude test or for that matter what a paid aptitude test is all about and what exactly they evaluate.


What is a Career Aptitude Test?


Investopedia states that it is an exam which gauges the probability of an individual to succeed in a given endeavour or situation based on his or her inherent talent and natural inclinations. There is no correct or incorrect answers with this test, as it measures the deep-rooted characteristics of a person and based on that, suggests an array of options — jobs or careers — that a particular person has a very high chance of succeeding in.


A Forbes article states that people generally think at the start of their careers that they should enter a work area where they will be both successful and happy. But this is rarely the case. In short, you might feel that you would be enjoying your life doing a particular thing, but more often than not, it might not actually make you happy.


But does that mean that if you’re unhappy with your job, you should just leave it? Probably not.  There are often reasons, if you truly analyse your job on a task-to-task basis, one would come to realize that one’s job is not that boring or draining as you may initially feel. In fact, many people find that, yes, there are parts of the job which they don’t like, but there are many other aspects they really enjoy and would not at all want to leave.


This is the observation of Zoe B, a career strategist, who in her article at The Huffington Post also points out that, if you find more negatives in your job than positives, then it’s time to move on. And the best way to analyze that is by taking a free aptitude test which thoroughly looks at your personality and drivers in determining career match.

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Generally, a free aptitude test broadly will test the following 6 parameters:


1.    Desire or Purpose — What is it that drives you to the accomplishment of a goal in your life, i.e. your inherent motive


2.    Temperament or character — What are your innate characteristics? What is your personality? Are you ambitious or security-oriented? Risk taker or risk averse? Etc.


3.    Competence or ability — What are your strengths and natural talent? In short, what is it that you are good at? Your natural flair.


4.    Morals and ethics — What are your deep-seated values? What ideals and principles do you abide and live by?


5.    Prospects — What are the opportunities based on a person’s characteristics and their likelihood of succeeding?


6.    Limitations — What are the challenges a given candidate might face based on his personal circumstances?

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Free Aptitude Tests – Can They Actually Help You Choose A Career?


There are many exams in the market that test and match an individual to his or her career path based on the above-mentioned factors.


The following are the 2 broad areas where an aptitude test has proven to be very important:


1.   Job Placement: Companies on the lookout for a particular talent or expertise are in a better position to hire a person if he has the requisite skills needed to perform on the job.  


For example, a person who has applied for the job of an accountant will be tested on his numerical skills whereas a fashion studio would test a person on his designing skills.


2.  Selecting an appropriate career: Students confused about choosing the right career would find it helpful to go through an appropriate test which will highlight his strengths and weaknesses.


For example, a student may be strong in people skills but perform poorly in numerical or logical reasoning. Thus, this student would best fit into a career involving people-to-people interaction, such as sales, public relations, disc jockey etc.


In Japan, there is something called a ‘Kanji Test’, an exam which evaluates one’s knowledge of written Japanese in Chinese script. Only the native Kanji speakers are well versed in the kanji language and ace the tests. The non-native Kanji Japanese find it incredibly difficult to pass even the 1st of the 10 levels of test. So difficult is Level-1 that only 15 people out of 100 taking the test pass.

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What does a Free Aptitude Test measure?


An in-depth aptitude test uses the combination of one of the 10 varying methods to evaluate the right career path:


1.    Physical adeptness: This tests the ability of a person to perform manual tasks well


2.    Abstract reasoning — This tests the ability of a person to see through loads of information and recognize a pattern; making this a highly regarded skill in the top echelons of management


3.    Mathematical skills: This tests a person’s competence in numerical abilities


4.    Imaginative skills: This evaluates the creative ability of a person

5.    Writing abilities: This test assesses a person’s literary abilities


6.    Word skills: This determines a person’s skills in usage of words and spellings


7.    Empirical skills: This examines the scientific understanding that a person has


8.    Directorial skills: This assesses a person’s leadership skills in leading other people


9.    Spatial visualisation: This evaluates the ability of a person to contextualize 2D and 3D rationally


10.  Mechanical skills: This tests a person’s understanding of machines and its workings


Thus, as could be seen, a comprehensive test takes into account the workings of not only the left side of the brain — the logical side — but also the right half of the brain — the creative side, thereby giving a whole picture of a person’s true ability and potential.


Now let’s see, some actual instances where people have benefited from taking an aptitude test.


Case Study: John Cameron


John was a student with great future prospects. However, like a normal teen, he was unsure of his career path. His interest lay in being a surgeon. However, the tests revealed something different. He did not possess the requisite physical dexterity to be a surgeon, but instead scored well on mechanical and scientific tests. Here’s what he himself admitted a few months later, ‘that the test prediction in being good in engineering was indeed correct’.

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Case Study: Aditya Sawdekar  (Author)


Aditya was a special example. He was a bright student, with an excellent academic track record. However, he failed his high school science final. Frustrated and depressed, he took an aptitude test to seek clarity on career options available based on his personal traits. The test revealed that he had a natural flair for verbal skills – thus -news reporter, writer, trainer etc. were suggested as viable and prospective career options.

He switched to arts for a while before turning to management education and then settling in a career as a banker, as was the trend at the time. After working for 4 years as a banker; he completely burnt out. He quit his job and tinkered with many different interests and ideas, finally settling on being a writer. To say that he is satisfied would be an understatement. In fact, the 17 years of constantly changing professions clarified one thing to him (in his own words) —


“Had I taken the results the aptitude tests a tad more seriously, I would have had an altogether different career and life”.


Thus, it can be seen by the above 2 case studies that aptitude tests, being standardized, can predict with considerable accuracy the path that one ought to follow in order to achieve one’s fullest potential.


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The step by step directions are pretty self-explanatory. AFTER you finish answering the questions on the test you will receive a list of careers that matches your personal interests.



The step by step directions are pretty self-explanatory. AFTER you finish answering the questions on the test you will receive a list of careers that matches your personal interests.



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