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Career Cruising – My Free Career Test Is Best – 10 Reasons Why

Aptitude Test Step 1FREE CAREER TEST – Find the career you love. Our free career test is state-of-the-art and takes minutes to complete. Individual custom matching to over 1000 well paying careers. Sign up at the top of this page

Aptitude Test Free Step 2 – The article below discusses how my career test is better than “CAREER CRUISING” in helping you choose the specific career you love. 


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Career Cruising – My Free Career Test Is Better – 10 Reasons Why

by career cruising jessica h

Important Note: This article was written by a contributor/reader of my website.  Contributor/reader opinions contain valuable insight and certainly worth reading.  With that said, contributor opinions may or may not represent my own personal opinions. If you are searching for a career you love- enter your email on this page and get my free “6 Proven Steps To Choosing The Lucrative Career You Love In 15 Days” mini course.

A career test is an online test that helps an individual identify professions that fit their personality. At the time one is not sure what type of profession to take and the best career path to undertake. An aptitude test comes in handy because it will assist you in narrowing down your career choices and path that are in line with your personality, skills, values, and interests…

Career Cruising Admin, on the other hand, is an online-based career planning and exploration and is used to explore career and college options to help them develop a career plan. One can access these sites at home, in schools, or even at their workplace.

Therefore, one needs to take a Career test before they sign up for Career cruising. The career test is essential in that you will identify a profession that will be in line with your skills, values, interests, and personality. The test will help you choose a job that you will love and succeed in.


Steps of the career test


My career test is broken down into three main stages. These are the free aptitude career test, paid aptitude career test, and 15-day career planning eCourse.

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Step 1. Free Aptitude Career Test


This test is easy and fast. It will take you only 10 minutes to submit your test. The test will ask you if you like doing various jobs like being a manager at a local institution, playing any musical instrument, and many more. The test gives you three choices to choose from which are, not enjoy, not sure, and enjoy. Once you fill your preferences, you submit the answers, and instantly the results are sent to you. This test identifies various personalities and gives careers that best suit your personality. The personality types that the test identifies include investigative, social, artistic, realistic, conventional, enterprising, among others. Under each personality trait, the career test result describes the professions that best suits a given trait. In return, this helps the person taking the test to identify the best profession to undertake that is in line with their personality.


Step 2. The Paid Aptitude Career Test


This test is more comprehensive and detailed than the free aptitude test. One is required to pay a small amount of money to take this test. The details given by the test result will aid you in clearly understanding your personality trait and interests that will help shape up the career path to undertake.


Step 3. 15-day Career Planning eCourse


This course aims at choosing a lucrative career that you will love. To complete this online course, it will take you 15 days only, which is approximately 40 hours. The course has four steps that the learner goes through for them to start working towards a profession they love. These steps are.

1. Career goal. At this stage, the learner identifies a job that they love, their expectations in that given field, and a clear purpose.

2. Valuable skill. Once you have identified the career, you love the next step is identifying the skills you need to acquire to achieve your goal. Different professions require varying skills and knowledge for one to succeed in it.

3. One dream career. At this stage, you identify a job that you love, have good pay, and one that will add value to you and the world at large.

4. 1-10-year career plan. Here you write down a plan that you will implement to help you realize your dream career.

Having taken you through the steps involved in the career test, here are ten reasons why you need to take a career test before you begin your career path.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

1. The career cruising spend your money and time


Taking a career test is a time and money saver. My aptitude test takes only 15 minutes to complete, and results emailed to you instantly. Many people undertake career cruising, courses, and training in different professions that don’t match their personality, interest, or values. Such individuals can move from job to job or from one career to another before they finally settle with one they will love. For such people, taking a career test will help them identify the right profession and save them from wasting time in the wrong job.


2. A career test builds self-confidence


The test career is useful in that one will take a career path that is in line with their skills, personality, values, and interest. When one identifies what suits their personality and values, it boosts their ego and self-confidence to a higher level. Thus, they quickly succeed in their career path. The test identifies several personality traits and what jobs best suit people with those traits. For example, a person with artistic personality is best suited for jobs that will engage their creativity e.g., creative design, music, art, and drama.


3. Career Cruising Planning Program- Our test matches you with a career before starting the program


Different professions are best suited for individuals with particular skills, values, personality, and interests. My test will have a list of jobs where you choose if you don’t enjoy, not sure, or enjoy doing a particular job. Once you submit the results, the test identifies your strong personality traits. The test also explains the specific character traits one has and the jobs that best suits you.


4. A career test helps in Career Cruising Planning


For one to succeed in any given field, planning is important. A career test will help identify the education needs, skills, and personalities that best suits a given profession. In our eCourse, you make a plan that will help remain focused on your goal to get your dream job. The 1-10-year plan is a good way of ensuring you stay focused on your career goals.

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5. The test is informational


An aptitude test is detailed in that it helps you identify what jobs best suit your interests, values, skills, and personality. Our test will help you determine the best course of action in case you are not sure what profession best suits you. Our eCourse ensures our learners well equipped with knowledge of how to go about achieving their dream career.


6. The test satisfies curiosity


It is natural for human beings to be curious. When we come across something free online, we are usually drawn to try it out. In the process of satisfying our curiosity, we undertake the free career test and learn something new about ourselves and careers.


7. The test builds up a sense of direction


At times a person may not have a clear cut idea of the career path to take. One can have different interests and skills, thus find it challenging to identify the profession to choose. At times students don’t have an idea of the field of work they should pursue, especially if they took general subjects like English in schools. My career test will help you sort out this because you will identify your skills and interests, and in return, pursue a career that best suits them. For example, a person with social interests loves to help other people prosper, learn, and grow. They love interacting with people and professions that can suit them best are those that involve offering services to others like teaching. One identifies what best suits them; they can take that line and focus growing in that profession.

NOTE: Take 15 minutes of your time and complete our Career Quiz. This simple test will help you to start your path to find your dream job. 🙂


8. The career test will help you change your career


People are usually in a state of confusion as they try to figure out the career path to undertake. This may be influenced by many interests, skills, or not sure what your personality is. See here true examples. By taking a career test, you get a clear picture of the jobs that are best suited for you. The test broadens your view of yourself and thus activates your creativity. In return, you will choose a profession that will best suit you and guarantees success.


9. The career test helps you get the best work environment


People find themselves working in jobs that do not make them happy. They either keep on changing jobs or stick around just for the sake of the money. Such people do not reach their full potential career-wise. A career test gives suggestions of the jobs to seek that will be in line with your skills, values, personality, and interest.


10. The test broadens ones’ thinking


When you take a career test instead of a career cruising, you get to learn your personality and the career that best goes in line with it. It enhances creativity in that one learns the skills that they need to fulfill their dream career. This will eventually help you take a career path that will lead you to success.

In my view, everyone needs to take a career test before undertaking any career crusing decision. A career test reduces the risk of one changing job and feeling unsatisfied in ones’ profession. The test will also ensure you keep in line with your vision and goals. The career test will match your values, interests, skills, and personality type with the appropriate careers.

Therefore, it is important to take a career test before you sign up for a career cruising or a career net. A career test will help you choose a good job that when you sign up for a career net you are assured to be connected with the right job.

I hope that this article helps you understand what is in my free career test and the advantages that come with undertaking the tests.

If you need help with your career, I highly encourage you to enter your email on this page and SIGN UP for my Career Quiz.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

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