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% Employed By This Industry Career List
100%Administrative Law Judges, Adjudicators, & Hearing Officers
100%Fish & Game Wardens
100%Judges, Magistrate Judges, & Magistrates
100%Postal Service Clerks
100%Postal Service Mail Carriers
100%Postal Service Mail Sorters, Processors, & Processing Machine Operators
100%Tax Examiners & Collectors, & Revenue Agents
99%Criminal Investigators & Special Agents
99%Immigration & Customs Inspectors
99%Intelligence Analysts
99%Judicial Law Clerks
99%Police Detectives
99%Police Identification & Records Officers
99%Postmasters & Mail Superintendents
97%First-Line Supervisors of Correctional Officers
97%Forest Fire Fighting & Prevention Supervisors
97%Municipal Fire Fighting & Prevention Supervisors
97%Probation Officers & Correctional Treatment Specialists
96%First-Line Supervisors of Police & Detectives
96%Police Patrol Officers
96%Sheriffs & Deputy Sheriffs
95%Correctional Officers & Jailers
95%Court Clerks
95%Forest Firefighters
95%Highway Maintenance Workers
95%License Clerks
95%Municipal Clerks
95%Municipal Firefighters
95%Transportation Security Screeners
94%Forest Fire Inspectors & Prevention Specialists
93%Forest & Conservation Technicians
92%Air Traffic Controllers
91%Animal Control Workers
88%Forensic Science Technicians
87%Eligibility Interviewers, Government Programs
86%Fire Inspectors
86%Fire Investigators
86%Police, Fire, & Ambulance Dispatchers
86%Subway & Streetcar Operators
83%Bridge & Lock Tenders
82%Urban & Regional Planners
79%Parking Enforcement Workers
78%Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant & System Operators
76%Traffic Technicians
74%Park Naturalists
74%Range Managers
74%Soil & Water Conservationists
69%Transit & Railroad Police
68%Emergency Management Directors
67%Zoologists & Wildlife Biologists
62%Agricultural Inspectors
60%Court Reporters
60%Library Assistants, Clerical
59%Gaming Surveillance Officers & Gaming Investigators
59%Political Scientists
57%Transportation Planners
55%Library Technicians
52%Crossing Guards
51%Radio Operators
51%Remote Sensing Scientists & Technologists
49%Bus Drivers, Transit & Intercity
49%Gaming Change Persons & Booth Cashiers
49%Neuropsychologists & Clinical Neuropsychologists
44%Cartographers & Photogrammetrists
44%Civil Engineering Technicians
44%Construction & Building Inspectors
43%Mathematical Technicians
42%Aviation Inspectors
42%Climate Change Analysts
42%Environmental Restoration Planners
42%Environmental Scientists & Specialists, Including Health
42%Freight & Cargo Inspectors
42%Industrial Ecologists
42%Transportation Vehicle, Equipment & Systems Inspectors
42%Word Processors & Typists
41%Bioinformatics Scientists
41%Budget Analysts
41%Environmental Compliance Inspectors
41%Equal Opportunity Representatives & Officers
41%Government Property Inspectors & Investigators
41%Licensing Examiners & Inspectors
41%Molecular & Cellular Biologists
41%Regulatory Affairs Specialists
40%Gaming Cage Workers
40%Meter Readers, Utilities
39%Child, Family, & School Social Workers
38%Forest & Conservation Workers
36%Environmental Economists
35%Appraisers, Real Estate
35%Arbitrators, Mediators, & Conciliators
35%Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, & Other Recreational Protective Service Workers
35%Umpires, Referees, & Other Sports Officials
33%Airfield Operations Specialists
33%Atmospheric & Space Scientists
31%Naturopathic Physicians
31%Recreation Workers
31%Refuse & Recyclable Material Collectors
30%Explosives Workers, Ordnance Handling Experts, & Blasters
30%Gaming Managers
29%Biofuels Processing Technicians
29%Biomass Plant Technicians
29%Hydroelectric Plant Technicians
29%Methane/Landfill Gas Generation System Technicians
28%Computer & Information Research Scientists
28%Emergency Medical Technicians & Paramedics
28%Environmental Engineers
28%Environmental Science & Protection Technicians, Including Health
28%Rail-Track Laying & Maintenance Equipment Operators
28%Water/Wastewater Engineers
27%Septic Tank Servicers & Sewer Pipe Cleaners
26%Clinical Research Coordinators
26%Gaming Dealers
26%Museum Technicians & Conservators
26%Natural Sciences Managers
26%Water Resource Specialists
25%Business Continuity Planners
25%Customs Brokers
25%Energy Auditors
25%Online Merchants
25%Security Management Specialists
25%Sustainability Specialists
24%Biochemical Engineers
24%Civil Engineers
24%Electrical Engineering Technologists
24%Electromechanical Engineering Technologists
24%Electronics Engineering Technologists
24%Energy Engineers
24%Fuel Cell Technicians
24%Health Educators
24%Industrial Engineering Technologists
24%Manufacturing Engineering Technologists
24%Manufacturing Engineers
24%Manufacturing Production Technicians
24%Mechanical Engineering Technologists
24%Mechatronics Engineers
24%Microsystems Engineers
24%Nanosystems Engineers
24%Nanotechnology Engineering Technicians
24%Nanotechnology Engineering Technologists
24%Non-Destructive Testing Specialists
24%Photonics Engineers
24%Photonics Technicians
24%Psychiatric Aides
24%Robotics Engineers
24%Solar Energy Systems Engineers
24%Transportation Engineers
24%Validation Engineers
24%Wind Energy Engineers
23%Electrical & Electronics Installers & Repairers, Transportation Equipment
23%Financial Quantitative Analysts
23%Fraud Examiners, Investigators & Analysts
23%Investment Underwriters
23%Risk Management Specialists
23%Ship Engineers
22%Business Intelligence Analysts
22%Computer Systems Engineers/Architects
22%Data Warehousing Specialists
22%Database Architects
22%Document Management Specialists
22%Geographic Information Systems Technicians
22%Geospatial Information Scientists & Technologists
22%Information Technology Project Managers
22%Occupational Health & Safety Specialists
22%Procurement Clerks
22%Search Marketing Strategists
22%Software Quality Assurance Engineers & Testers
22%Video Game Designers
22%Web Administrators
21%Electrical & Electronics Repairers, Commercial & Industrial Equipment
21%Gaming Supervisors
21%Slot Supervisors
21%Stationary Engineers & Boiler Operators
20%Bioinformatics Technicians
20%Retail Loss Prevention Specialists
20%Statistical Assistants
19%Clinical Data Managers
19%Community Health Workers
19%Distance Learning Coordinators
19%Endoscopy Technicians
19%Financial Examiners
19%Fitness & Wellness Coordinators
19%Gaming & Sports Book Writers & Runners
19%Logistics Analysts
19%Logistics Engineers
19%Power Distributors & Dispatchers
19%Social & Community Service Managers
19%Social & Human Service Assistants
19%Speech-Language Pathology Assistants
18%Agricultural Engineers
18%Claims Examiners, Property & Casualty Insurance
18%Insurance Adjusters, Examiners, & Investigators
18%Nuclear Engineers
18%Operating Engineers & Other Construction Equipment Operators
18%Paving, Surfacing, & Tamping Equipment Operators
18%Rehabilitation Counselors
17%Art Therapists
17%Environmental Engineering Technicians
17%Human Resources Assistants
17%Mental Health & Substance Abuse Social Workers
17%Music Therapists
17%Power Plant Operators
17%Precision Agriculture Technicians
17%Quality Control Analysts
17%Recreational Therapists
17%Remote Sensing Technicians
17%Signal & Track Switch Repairers
16%Biological Technicians
16%Compensation, Benefits, & Job Analysis Specialists
16%Management Analysts
16%Soil & Plant Scientists
15%Aerospace Engineers
15%Control & Valve Installers & Repairers
15%Electrical & Electronics Repairers, Powerhouse, Substation, & Relay
15%Mapping Technicians
15%Surveying Technicians
14%Administrative Services Managers
14%Dietitians & Nutritionists
14%Electrical Power-Line Installers & Repairers
14%Electronics Engineers
14%Layout Workers, Metal & Plastic
14%Occupational Health & Safety Technicians
14%Radio Frequency Identification Device Specialists
14%Segmental Pavers
14%Solar Thermal Installers & Technicians
14%Weatherization Installers & Technicians
13%Aircraft Mechanics & Service Technicians
13%Amusement & Recreation Attendants
13%Buyers & Purchasing Agents, Farm Products
13%Electrical Engineering Technicians
13%Electronics Engineering Technicians
13%Executive Secretaries & Executive Administrative Assistants
13%Farm & Home Management Advisors
13%File Clerks
13%Fire-Prevention & Protection Engineers
13%Industrial Safety & Health Engineers
13%Product Safety Engineers
13%Purchasing Agents
13%Wholesale & Retail Buyers
12%Ambulance Drivers & Attendants
12%Brownfield Redevelopment Specialists & Site Managers
12%Bus Drivers, School or Special Client
12%Compliance Managers
12%Computer Operators
12%Human Resources Specialists
12%Investment Fund Managers
12%Logistics Managers
12%Loss Prevention Managers
12%Maintenance & Repair Workers, General
12%Marriage & Family Therapists
12%Motorboat Operators
12%Paralegals & Legal Assistants
12%Purchasing Managers
12%Regulatory Affairs Managers
12%Sailors & Marine Oilers
12%Security Managers
12%Storage & Distribution Managers
12%Supply Chain Managers
12%Transportation Managers
12%Wind Energy Operations Managers
12%Wind Energy Project Managers
11%Bus & Truck Mechanics & Diesel Engine Specialists
11%First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, & Repairers
11%Legal Secretaries
11%Marine Architects
11%Marine Engineers
11%Mobile Heavy Equipment Mechanics
11%Psychiatric Technicians
10%Allergists & Immunologists
10%Chief Executives
10%Chief Sustainability Officers
10%Coin, Vending, & Amusement Machine Servicers & Repairers
10%Geodetic Surveyors
10%Mail Clerks & Mail Machine Operators
10%Nuclear Medicine Physicians
10%Nuclear Power Reactor Operators
10%Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physicians
10%Preventive Medicine Physicians
10%Radio Mechanics
10%Radio, Cellular, & Tower Equipment Installers & Repairers
10%Rail Car Repairers
10%Railroad Conductors & Yardmasters
10%Sports Medicine Physicians
10%Transportation Attendants