Construct a piece of furniture
Lay down a tiled bathroom floor
Develop a new government approved medication
Investigate strategies to reduce ocean pollution
Author a new book or play
Play any type of musical instrument
Teach someone how to exercise properly
Help individuals that have personal or emotional issues
Trade stocks and bonds
Be a manager at a retail establishment


Create a custom spreadsheet on your computer
Proofread written documentation
Fix any type of appliance
Raise fish in a comercial seafood precessing plant
Conduct chemical or medical experiments
Study our planet and its movements
Compose any type of music
Draw or illustrate picture
Provide career guidance to individuals
Perform physical therapy on others


Own a hair salon or barber shop
Manage a specific department within a fortune 1000 company
Installation of software for a large company
Do work with a calculator
Assemble electronic components
Drive a package delivery truck
Examine tissue samples employing a microscope
Investigate why a fire happened
Create special effects for Hollywood productions
Paint a set for plays on Broadway


Do volunteer work for a charity
Teach sports to little kids
Create and run your own business
Negotiate commercial contracts
Maintain shipping and receiving invoices
Calculate employee salaries
Quality assurance at a manufacturing plant
Installation and repair of locks
Figure out how to accurately predict the weather
Work in a laboratory


Write movie or tv scripts
Perform jazz, blues, or salsa dance
Teach sign language to deaf people
Facilitate group counseling sessions
Respresent a legal client in a lawsuit
Market a new line of clothes and footware
Monitor inventory with a handheld computer
Enter rent payments on a spreadsheet
Operate a machine that makes a product
Stop fires in the forest


Create an acceptable replacement for sugar
Do lab tests that spot diseases
Singer in a band
Edit movies for tv or the big screen
Child care at a day-care center
Teach a course in a high school
Sell merchandise at a department or retail store
Manage a footwear store
Keep records for employer inventory
Stamp and sort mail for a business

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