The FRIENDS PROGRAM provides you free access to my eCourse by agreeing to certain parameters as outlined in this document.

If you do not wish to be part of the FRIENDS PROGRAM, do not meet program requirements, or program has closed.  You can purchase my eCourse for $297 USD by going to this link.  Purchase eCourse



On Day 15 of my eCourse, my clients will have ANSWERS to the following 4 items:

  1. Career Goal– You will determine what you want to accomplish in your career. Your overall and specific career purpose.
  2. Valuable Skill– You will determine what valuable and marketable career skill you are going to develop. This valuable skill will be utilized in accomplishing your career goal.
  3. #1 Dream Career– You will pick a career you personally love, adds value to the world, and pays a good salary. This career will utilize your “Valuable Skill”
  4. 1-10 Year Career Plan – You will create a custom written step-by-step 10 year career plan to turn your “#1 Dream Career” into reality.
My program is fun, step-by-step, and very easy to follow.  My course is relevant for just about anyone that is searching for work they love- students, young professionals, mid-late career changers, and retirees. 


My eCourse is a career planning and training program.  It is NOT a career test or assessment.  Although in some of my 30+ modules I do employ a few career assessments. A career assessment is usually a few hour exercise that provides a snapshot of “something”.  For example it could potentially match your interests or skills to a list of careers.  For the vast majority, the results of an individual career assessment will provide little help in confidently picking a career goal, career skill, specific career you will love, and creation of a multi-year career plan.  Once you log into my eCourse it will be apparent how it differs from – Myers Briggs, Strong Interest, Kuder, Myplan, MAPP,  Kaplan, Focus 2 Career, etc…


  • Access to “HOW TO CHOOSE THE LUCRATIVE CAREER YOU LOVE → IN 15 DAYS eCOURSE” for 30 Days at no financial cost. 
  • Possibility to have your input/recommendations/requests included in future revisions of “HOW TO CHOOSE THE LUCRATIVE CAREER YOU LOVE → IN 15 DAYS eCOURSE”

You are receiving this application because I have met you personally.  You either expressed interest in the eCourse and/or I feel you could personally benefit and perhaps add value to eCourse content.  I believe you may have the special traits to become part of the select “Friends” group.

In order to create an eCourse of real value I need feedback from a select group.  A select group that meets certain parameters. Editing my eCourse based on feedback from students who do not meet certain parameters will ultimately reduce the quality of the eCourse. Reduction in quality will result in adding less value to future eCourse students.  For some, this Friends Program is simply not a fit.

Please be forthright in answering application questions.

FAQ: Matt, why the heck can’t I just get the course for free without this lengthy application????

Good question.  Here is my response.  Basic human nature does not respect “free”.  You are less likely to change by taking a “free course” as opposed to a “paid course”.  By filling out this application you are agreeing to do some work.  Making the course not “free”.  I am asking for your course feedback as you are going through the units.  For most of you, I probably will not use much of your feedback.  So my primary motivation in sending you this application is to help you choose and actually begin working in the career you love.  If you fill out this application you are agreeing to put in your best effort.  IE- the effort you need in order to personally choose a meaningful career you love.  Many of you might just be “curious” about the course I created.  That curiosity is easily solved by viewing the 5 videos I linked to below.  These 5 videos act as a synopsis for the course itself.  So if you are curious and not ready to make a change, viewing the videos is a good option and no need to fill out this application.



The links below are my "4 Part Video Mini Course" and "Sales Page Video". After watching these videos you will know exactly what to expect in my full length course. Please DO NOT submit this Friend Application until you have watched all 5 videos. Please provide thoughtful comments on each of these videos.

You will work approximately 90,000 hours in your life. Choosing a career is one of the most important choices you will ever make. For some-choosing a career goal, career, and career plan may not come easily. Some units you will thoroughly enjoy. Other units will need significant effort. Those who lack motivation or significant interest in changing their career path will not put in the effort to properly complete this eCourse. You agree to work on this course 5 days per week over a span of 3 weeks.

  1. The video will be minimum of 45 seconds and a maximum of 75 seconds.
  2. The video will be your honest feedback on how you feel the eCourse will impact your life and career.
  3. The video will be used for marketing purposes. I may transcribe video into text.
  4. Upon request you will provide a high resolution photo. I will not use your last name.
  5. Video Testimonial Guide:
  6. Simply begin by stating your first name and how the eCourse benefited your life and career. Here are 4 ideas:
    "Hi, my name is John and I recently finished Matt's eCourse and..
    Option 1 ) "On Day 1, I had no career plan. By Day 15 it has totally changed. These are my plans..."
    Option 2 ) "Before starting the eCourse I had a variety off dead end jobs and had little hope in having a nice career. At the end of the course my plans are ..."
    Option 3 ) "On Day 1, I really did not think it was possible to plan for my life or career. I thought I needed to rely on just fate. I now know this not accurate. When I finished the course this is how my life and career has changed .."
    Option 4 ) "On Day 1, I did no believe it was possible to have a career that I love, adds value to others, and actually pays a good salary. By day 15, I have a career plan that does just that ..."

  7. Rehearse what you are going to say a couple of times.
  8. Make sure the recording is between 45 and 75 seconds
  9. I would recommend using a high quality webcam on a laptop or desktop to record video testimonial. If you want to try using a cell phone to record video, here are the cell phone limitations:
    • iOS mobile- Safari is usually supported-not other browsers
    • Android- Mobile Chrome is usually supported-not other browsers
  10. Click on the Upload with Clipchamp button below. (We are not currently using Clipchamp)
    • Press Record Video. (Give software a second to enable your webcam)
    • Press Start Recording- A 3,2,1 countdown timer will begin
    • Press Finish Video. Play the video to make sure that it looks and sounds good:
    • Correct lighting
    • Correct volume
    • Camera not shaking
    • There is not pause at beginning or end of video
    • If not acceptable, re-record the video
    • Press Upload video-you will get a Thank You-Your video is uploaded