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A Personality Test For Jobs – How It Will Help You Choose The Perfect Career

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Important Note: This article was written by a contributor/reader of my website.  Contributor/reader opinions contain valuable insight and certainly worth reading.  With that said, contributor opinions may or may not represent my own personal opinions. If you are searching for a career you love- enter your email on this page and get my free “6 Proven Steps To Choosing The Lucrative Career You Love In 15 Days” mini course.  Best-Matt

Deciding what you want to be when you ‘grow up’ is a lot easier when you’re younger. When you’re older, decisions become harder to make and you find yourself needing tools – in this case, a tool such as a personality test for jobs. You see, at the beginning stages of your life, you can simply make decisions based on what entertains you, what brings you the most joy, or even something you tried and enjoyed once. However, as you get older and the world and its expectations of you come into focus, you suddenly have the added pressures of earning a living, building a reputation by staying in a career that may or may not be right for you, and playing the long game in terms of success.


In making plans for the future you include job satisfaction as a part of these plans. You make the mistake of taking job satisfaction for granted because that’s what you’ve been taught to do. You’ve been conditioned to believe that any job you choose will bring you a sense of purpose and that you’ll get to go home feeling like you’ve put in a valuable hard day’s work. But let’s be real for a moment – things hardly ever go according to plan. You may very well wake up one day if you haven’t already, and realized that you really aren’t happy in your job and that it isn’t at all suited to who you are and what you’re brilliant at.


Gain some perspective with a personality test…


This may seem like some strange advice if you’ve never considered it, but it’s currently a topic of great discussion amongst psychologists, and other specialists who conduct personality, career, and aptitude tests for children and professionals alike. Personality tests can be a very simple way to re-evaluate what you think you know about your career, and the satisfaction it brings you. It can also, very quickly, help you determine what you really DO want to spend most of your time doing. A personality test can help you in a period of career transition, and make it more meaningful, by guiding you to the right place with more immediacy and confidence. And lastly, it can help you uncover passions and talents you’ve put by the wayside, or just didn’t know you had.

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Here’s how taking a personality test for jobs can help you land your dream career:


1. It will inform what you choose to study at school or university


Let’s start right at the beginning, or at least where you start taking the prospect and planning of a career path seriously – while you’re still in school or when you’re about to choose your course of study at university. It could even be that you’ve been working for a number of years already and you now finally have the means to put yourself through some type of tertiary education.


2. Personality tests will reveal your strengths and weaknesses


When we are asked to list our own personal strengths and weaknesses, very rarely can we be objective. We apply a natural bias towards ourselves, and so we don’t always have the luxury of taking a step back, or more often than not, we feel too defensive to be able to do so. A personality test will clearly lay out what we can succeed at, and what needs a bit more work or consideration. The University of Zurich has even released a study based on the premise of an improved working experience for employees who are aware of their character strengths and how to apply them. This is proof that self-awareness, in this context, can be invaluable.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

3. Find out what type of work environment you need by taking personality tests


No two people are the same, and a working environment is usually a testament to that. Some personality types thrive in quiet, insular spaces, while others thrive in loud, busy, chaotic spaces where interaction with co-workers is high. Some personalities prefer to work in the evenings, while others prefer the rigidity of the 8-hour work day. Knowing which environment you really thrive in is VITAL for your career. We spend nearly a third of our waking hours at work, and so if your environment is well-suited to your personal needs, you are more likely to be successful in your career- as suggested in this article. Studies have also indicated that those who find themselves in ideal work environments actually value that more than they do career pay.


4. A personality test for jobs can help make career satisfaction truly achievable


Career satisfaction is not a myth. According to a recent article published on the matter, dissatisfaction in one’s career can be easily summed up as the result of a disparity between job expectations and job reality. More and more, the article states, people are looking for as much emotional satisfaction as they are financial satisfaction. By knowing what – according to a personality test for jobs – you really need from a position, you can gauge whether or not a particular job and company can give you the career satisfaction you’re seeking. 

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5. You’ll uncover talents you didn’t even know you had


You may not know it before taking a personality test, but you may very well be the epitome of what employers look for the most in the job market. Whether it’s creativity, entrepreneurial tendencies, management skill, professionalism or persistence, resilience, and attention-to-detail that they’re after, you can now answer your own question of whether or not these are traits that you possess. And you can do this before you go through the process of applying for a job and going to an interview. You’ll know exactly how to promote yourself in an interview. If you’ve ever been complimented by a colleague or a friend for being really great at something or for doing a stellar job, and you’ve struggled to take ownership of that compliment, that’s going to change. A personality test for jobs will uncover things about yourself that you may have thought to be true but were simply too shy to accept, and put you in a position to use those to your benefit. Develop your interview conversation around them, put them on your CV, or change the path of your career to fully embrace them.


6. You’ll recognize opportunities you didn’t know existed


Realizing, through a personality test, that you’ve got a range of untapped talents, will suddenly open the world of career opportunities for you. You’ll be able to start looking for jobs you didn’t know you were suited for, and you may very well discover in an interview that you could actually change your entire career path. By using your past or current career as a base, you can steer your future elsewhere in your next job search. You don’t even have to stop at applying for available jobs. Why not cold-call companies you admire and respect and offer them your services? Or why not use this as a springboard from which to start your own business? Recognize the opportunities and make them work for you.

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7. Use a personality test for jobs to show your current employer that you are valuable and capable


If you’re looking to move up in the organization you’re currently employed within, but aren’t sure if your manager or employer sees you as a candidate for when those opportunities roll around, a personality test is a good place to start building your case. Once you have your results, work on the points listed earlier in this article, like understanding your strengths and weaknesses, uncovering your hidden talents, and identifying new opportunities for yourself. Building an argument that includes these points, as well as a personality test to back them up, could very well see you on your way to a promotion in your current field, or even an exciting move to another department.


As with every method employed on the quest for career success and satisfaction, there can be both pros and cons. However, it’s always easier to do nothing than it is to do something, so if you feel very strongly that it’s time for a step up or a complete career change, choose the option to do something. At the very least, in doing the test, you’ll come away having learned some useful and interesting things about yourself. And this may even extend to having a better understanding of those around you, which never hurts when you’re working to build satisfying working relationships, and thus, a thriving career.


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Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

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