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Reddit CS Career Questions – My Answer – Get A Great Tech Job

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Reddit CS Career Questions – Take My Free Career Test Before Choosing A Tech Job

by reddit cs career questions ron b

Important Note: This article was written by a contributor/reader of my website.  Contributor/reader opinions contain valuable insight and certainly worth reading.  With that said, contributor opinions may or may not represent my own personal opinions. If you are searching for a career you love- go to the link on this page and take our free career test.  You will then also be automatically sent our free “Career You Love In 15 Days” mini-course.

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” is a commonly-heard adage; in principle, it’s correct – holding a job in a career or profession you love removes “work” from the equation, as your job will not be onerous. This is not to say you won’t ever have bad days, or days when it seems like the day will never end, but on the whole, your work life is more fulfilling and happy if you love what you do.

How do you know what this magical job or profession is? If you think your vocation lies in the tech or computer science world, asking Computer Science (CS) Career Questions on a forum is not going to tell you if the tech or CS world is what you enjoy, and what you’ll likely excel at doing.


Reddit CS Career Questions – What Is The Career Test?


Can you point to any time as you grew up where you actually sat down and analyzed your personality traits, your strengths and weaknesses, and the activities you enjoyed doing? If you’re like the vast majority, the answer is no; so, how do you know what you enjoy doing and what you’re likely to be good at? Again, the answer is – you don’t. Taking a career test (several, in fact) helps you understand these things you’ve never actually thought about before. Learn how to take a career test here.

Career tests are not like the tests you take in school – there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the questions. The questions are designed to test your personality (Meyers-Briggs), your interests (RIASEC Codes), your aptitude for a given job, and your work style – how you prefer to get a job done. Getting information about yourself is the first step to deciding what your career path will be. Research career tests to educate yourself on what’s out there.

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How Asking Reddit CS Career Questions Won’t Help


If you’re looking for a career in CS, joining a Reddit CS Career Questions is not a priority; careers in CS are lucrative, but being successful in CS requires you to have certain traits you normally don’t need in non-technical fields, and you need to understand your personality before you go for that CS degree. Outgoing, extroverted people can be successful CS candidates, but they aren’t well-suited for the long hours debugging code or getting called at 3:00 am to get a production problem fixed ASAP.

If you are interested in a career in CS, you need to take a career test to determine if your interests and aptitudes are in the technical or CS areas. A career test is a better option than posting on the CS Career Questions – you need to understand more about yourself and your aptitude for CS before engaging in a conversation on the topic.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

1. Job Stability


In today’s world, “job stability” is one of the most important things for anyone. There is a myriad of reasons for this, but one major one is job dissatisfaction. As we plunge into careers, led by the promise of lucrative remuneration, or by the hapless thought we will like our chosen career and/or job, reality bites – in the form of drudgery, overwork, and other reasons for disliking the job; hence, we job-hop, looking for a better fit. Taking a career test before you start job-hunting can stop you from applying for a position you are not well-suited to hold. It saves everybody involved – you, your employer, and your coworkers – from an unpleasant work situation.


2. Finding A Good Fit


Asking Reddit CS Career Questions will not help you when you start job-hunting; a career test can save you a lot of time in your search. Finding the career you’re best suited for means you can target your job search to the positions and employers who best fit your criteria for a great job and a happy workplace. Eliminating jobs you don’t want to reduce the pool of potential situations and lets you concentrate on the jobs and places you do want to work at the most. Everybody wins – you stay out of employers’ applicant pools for jobs you don’t really want, and they don’t waste time with your application. You may be a good fit – on paper – and it’s better for all concerned if you don’t waste time – yours and theirs.

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3. Adding Value To The World


We all want to feel as though we matter in this life, and our jobs are a major part of the equation. We want to add value to the world, instead of just plodding along in a meaningless career, and it helps if we can make a good living while we’re at it. Career tests can point you in the direction of a meaningful career, including in the technical world. Not all CS jobs are in the world of business – the world runs on computers, and trained personnel are required to keep them working; non-profits who remove land mines from abandoned war zones, medical groups who offer their services to third-world countries, ecological companies who monitor the environment and study it to find practical ways of saving it all use computers, and all require dedicated professionals capable of using them to their fullest in their efforts. Asking Reddit CS Career Questions doesn’t help you to determine your passion or help you find that meaningful career; a career test can help you find that non-profit who needs your services, and who will pay you what you’re worth, while you do it.


4. Discovering Your Passion


It’s easy enough to repeat the adage about doing what you love, but what if you have no idea what it is you actually love? Most of us have hobbies we enjoy, but it is rare to translate a hobby into a lucrative career. It’s the best of all worlds when it happens, but it’s rather like winning the lottery – possible, but highly unlikely. Career tests help us discover what we will most likely be good at, and what we love to do. If you think your destiny is in the tech or CS worlds, take several career tests instead of posting on a Reddit CS Career Questions to find out if this is truly where your career and passions intersect. Utilizing a career test can start you off on the right path, or it can help you find the right path when you’ve been mired in an unsatisfying career.

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5. Finding a Different Path


It’s entirely possible you lucked out and found a good career fit without taking a career test. If so, congratulations, but will you want to work in this career your entire working life? Also, what will you do when you retire? Taking a few years to just enjoy life for a while is all well and good, but unending leisure gets old. How will you occupy your time when you get tired of doing nothing? A career test (or several) can point you in directions you may have never considered before, including volunteering. You may wind up working with that medical group volunteering services in the third world, and a CS Career Questions won’t put you in the driver’s seat of a computer for them.

You may decide to change careers in the middle of your working life, and a career assessment is a good way to start the journey. We all change, as we grow and develop, and your initial career choice may not fit so well down the road. Life has a way of changing our directions, and you may need to make changes because of an unexpected development. Career tests can help you handle whatever life throws, and be happy with your new career as you change paths.

Getting as much information on career assessments and career tests is important to your making a successful change; you can find lots of information at Enter the appropriate search term on the page, and scroll through the results.


Reddit CS Career Questions – Final Thoughts


We spend fully half of our lives at work; it can be a depressing way to spend our time if we aren’t working at something we find fulfilling and fun. We should spend a significant amount of time choosing our career path, but most of us don’t.

If we’re lucky, our high school had a career development office or something that functioned like one, and we took career tests before we graduated. Our future choices had a grounding before we made them, and we moved forward into a satisfying career. If we weren’t so lucky, our futures had a much rockier start.

However we moved into the working world, it’s much easier for us to find meaningful careers by using career tests. If we’re not happy in our current area of endeavor, then we should use career tests to help us find what we really want to do and to help us change career paths.

Career tests can also help us find meaningful ways to spend our retirements, instead of just sitting down and watching the rest of our lives go by. We can be productive, happy individuals, regardless of what stage of our life we’re in, and career tests are an easy way to achieve our goals. So use career tests to find your path – as Martha would say, “That’s A Good Thing”.

If you need help with your career, I highly encourage you to SIGN UP for my Free Career Aptitude Test.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

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