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Should I Quit My Job? Now What? I Will Give You An Answer

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 Should I Quit My Job? Now What? Career Quiz to the Rescue question

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Life as an adult is complicated. When we were young we were excited about growing up and making decisions for ourselves. However, as a grown-up trying to live the dream, it becomes clear that making decisions is not as easy or fun as it seemed.


One of the most difficult choices you will have to make revolves around choosing your career. It is common for someone to get a job that pays well and still ask, “Should I quit my job?” Most people work to earn enough to pay the bills. Others seek job satisfaction in addition to a living wage. When you have been working in a company for a long time, it is easy to determine whether the job provides you with personal satisfaction or only serves as a means to an end. Everyone defines Job Satisfaction differently. Wikipedia provides various definitions.


When you are not satisfied with your job, the most natural step is to quit. It is common for everyone to have the occasional ‘bad day’ at work. It is also common to get tired of the monotony of the ‘nine to five’ world. In the pursuit of success and career growth, people tend to settle for things that do not particularly work for them.

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Should I quit my job or stay? Six Things to Consider Before Making This Decision


“Should I quit my job?” Should I give the job a second chance and see if it gets better? Experts state that one of the easiest ways to find an answer to this question is by following your gut. You need to consider other factors before making any sort of permanent decision. Keep in mind that staying in a bad job is potentially detrimental to your career and psyche.


“I want to quit my job, I am just not sure whether I should.” Can you identify with this statement? So how do you know whether to leave or to stay? How do you know how to make the right decision? The good news is that there are some indicators that can help you make the right choice. Let’s look at some of the indicators to consider before deciding whether you should quit your job or not:


1. How is The Work Environment?


Is your work environment hostile or does it foster growth? How easy is it to handle your daily tasks? A study by CNN discusses the repercussions of working in a bad environment which include health deterioration. A bad workplace environment is a major reason for job disengagement. Fair workload distribution, communication, and a code of ethics that governs office practices are the hallmarks of a great work environment.


2. Why Do You Feel Like Quitting? Are You Bored?


The best way to find an answer to this predicament is to determine the underlying problem. Some issues have simple solutions that do not need you to make decisions that could have a huge effect on your career. If you feel like your job is failing you, it is prudent to evaluate the exact reason why. It is possible you are bored because you have not been allocated any challenging assignments. Identifying this as a problem helps determine your next course of action. It may be as simple as requesting to take on more complex projects.


Once you have honestly determined the reason, move on to identify the extent of your displeasure. Can you ride it out or do you feel like you are definitely in the wrong place? Be honest with yourself and make the best decision.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

3. If I Quit My Job, What is The Endgame?

Quitting your job is not as easy as submitting your two-week notice to the HR department. You need to have a detailed plan that clearly outlines your next career move. Have a clear picture of what you want in both life and career.

4. Should I Quit My Job? Can I afford to?

If I quit my job now what? Remember, you need to be as realistic as possible when deciding whether to quit or to stick. Are your finances in order? Take some time to review your current financial situation. Determine your monthly budget.

5. Have you tried everything to make the job work for you?

As we mentioned earlier, you need to outline your reasons for quitting. Take into consideration what steps you can take to improve and ultimately make your job work for you. If you need to cut back on your hours or perhaps take up more challenging roles, go for it. Do not make the decision to quit based purely on emotions, try to salvage the situation before making a decision.

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6. How is the Job Market? How Receptive Is It To Your Skills?


I quit my job now what? Before you find yourself asking this question, dedicate some time and explore whether your skills are marketable in your local job market. You might want to stay in the same career or branch out to a different one. Regardless, keep in mind that some fields are not too receptive with taking time off. Be realistic and deliberate about your prospects for going back to work. Before you decide, spend some time networking with people in your chosen career field.


To Quit or Not to Quit My Job: Using a Career Quiz To Make This Decision


The BBC conducted a study that evaluated the effectiveness of using a career quiz to decide whether you should quit your job or not. The results determined that the right career quiz would lead you in the proper direction. A good career quiz will provide a better understanding of how your personality, skills, and preferences influence your success in a particular career field.

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• You’ll Find out What Career You Are Suited For 


By taking a career quiz, you will be able to determine whether your skills are suited for a particular career. If they are not, you will also be able to determine which career field suits your current skill set. You will also define your strengths and weaknesses and how they affect the likelihood of employment in your chosen fields.


• Find Out Your Values, Skills, and Interests


After taking a career quiz, you will be able to align your job decision with who you are as a person. By answering situational type of questions, the quiz will give you a clear picture of the kind of environment that your personality type will thrive. If you are in that field already, you will get insight into how to make adjustments and flourish.

• Youll Gain Exposure to Other Career Choices


Before taking a career quiz, you might feel confined to the industry you are presently working in. Once you have completed the quiz, your mind will be open to other options that will make the decision-making process so much easier. You will explore all the job options that suit you and are in alignment with your results.

Final Thoughts


At the end of the day make sure you are not making a potential lifelong career decision strictly on impulse. Make an educated decision by taking a career quiz; this is the easiest way to determine the correct course for a happy life and career.

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Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

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