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Vocational Testing

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Vocational Testing- Free tests that will help you choose jobs that you actually like

by vocational testing david g

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Most us would love to never work another day in our lives, but unless you win the lotto or strike it lucky somehow, the next best option is to find a career path that you actually enjoy. There are hundreds of different industries one can now excel in, but without knowing what suits you and your skills, you could end up wasting a lot of time. So, instead, have you ever thought of using a vocation test to help you decide?

The good news is that its never too late to change your mind or take a new direction in life, society seems to instill this fear that we need to have certain thing accomplished by a specific age, when that could not be further from the truth.

What exactly is vocational testing?

Vocational Testing According to Wikipedia.

A vocational test can be quite broad in terms of how the tests can be done, but the desired outcome of such tests is to identify each individual’s skills, levels of functioning and best routes of employment. They set out to analyze a person’s attributes and create suggestions based off each person’s answers, backgrounds, personality etc

Let’s have a look at the real benefits of vocation testing that can help anybody. Take a look at this article on as it will help shed more light on the subject.

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Seek assistance in helping you discover your goals

Working a job you hate or feel is not your calling is a sad way to live your life, especially when there is option for change. People tend to stick to their comfort zones even if that is a zone that doesn’t fulfill their needs. Many career decisions are made at a very young age and we can study for years then get flung into an industry and realize this is not where we want to be but feel like a failure to admit it or change our mind.


Thinking outside of the box


If you are surrounded by peers who do the same things as you, work the same hours, study the same courses and strive toward the same goals, it can create obstacles that never truly allow you to think outside of the box.


Career advancement


Passion and predictions can’t always be relied on in choosing a career, so taking a test will allow you to realize that you have skills or preferences that you previously were not aware of. If you see your career as an opportunity for advancement (which most people do) then vocation testing should be seen as a tool in your arsenal to get where you want to be.

Get out of that rut

If you go to bed dreading the next day and wake up with no enthusiasm for work, this is a strong suggestion that you may be in a career rut. Of course, we are all going to have good and bad spells at work, but if you consistently have negative feelings about your career that lasts for long periods, then take a career test and it could help you find a way out of that rut. 

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Stop creating your own unhappiness

Vocational testing is a wise choice for many people. As previously mentioned, human beings are creatures of habit and we often stick to tendencies that makes us unhappy as these become the norm and sticking to what we know is ‘safe’. In this situation, it helps to realize that we are creating our own unhappiness, so give the test a try. You may just have that eureka moment, decide on a new career and never look back.

Understand your dominant focus through vocational testing

We all have a dominant focus in life, some of us are risk takers and others love to play it safe, some of us don’t quite know which category we fit into. If you thrive on risk, goal setting, working under pressure, late nights and stressful times but work in a library, you would be profoundly bored. A vocation test may help you find something more exciting.

The same goes for if you are a minimal risk taker, love to be organized, prefer predictable situations and routine but work in a job that offers none of these things. Take a vocation test and see what else is out there that better suits you. 

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Provide stability in your work life

A vocational test provides many candidates with stability as the tests help them find their calling in life. When a person understands where they should be and how they are going to get there, they will experience more stability and less anxiety. Employment stability also has a profound positive effect on our personal lives and the people we love.


Improve your motivation


Humans are born to thrive even though society would often have us believe otherwise. Imagine obtaining a career path that makes you feel invigorated and alive? You will experience a much higher sense of achievement, deliver better results and enjoy going to work when your job makes you feel motivated.


Understand your strengths and weaknesses

This may be a no-brainier to some of you, but it is strongly linked with being able to think outside of the box. Proper testing is designed to analyze your best attributes and your psychology, but not in an intrusive way.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain

This point is very simple but its worth some thought, what do you have to lose from taking a vocational test? If you have read this far then we must have sparked your curiosity so just go for it! It may turn out to be the best thing you ever did and if you don’t get anything from it, at least you tried and can focus on looking elsewhere for answers to help you decide on whether or not its time for a career change. 

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Vocational Testing – Do it yourself! 


Write down a list of your strong points that you are fully aware of. This is a good way to start and will remind you of what you are good at and how these attributes can be applied.

Write down a list of your weaknesses. This isn’t always the fun part of discovering yourself, but honesty will always be the best policy, especially when self-improvement and career goals are your main goal.

Now create a list of your strong points/ weak points based on the observation of people around you.

Ask your friends who you know will be honest. This tactic can be a great eye opener in who you really are as a person.

Assess how you currently feel about your employment or occupation, do you see yourself there in 5-10 years, is there going to be much chance to branch out, get a promotion or advance further in your field? If the answer is no, are you happy with this outcome?

Make a list of everything you love and hate about your job, but realistic in your approach and understand that no job is going to be perfect.


Whichever way you choose to go about finding yourself and your true calling, the fact you have started is a lot more than some are prepared to do. So don’t let the journey leave you feeling jaded and take every step as part of your learning. Time and experience bring clarity. Remember that vocation tests are simply a way to help bring that clarity a lot sooner. 


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