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What Should I Major In Quiz – I Have The Answer For You

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What Should I Major In Quiz – Will Help You Choose A Perfect Major And Career

by what should i major in quiz rachel s

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Choosing a major in college can feel completely overwhelming. It feels like you are making a permanent decision about the rest of your life when you barely know who you are. So, what should I major in? We’re here to help. With the What Should I Major in Quiz we are going to help you narrow down some choices and give you a little bit more confidence headed into college.

1. You don’t always need a degree, but it helps if you take the what should I major in a quiz


Let’s start at the beginning. You don’t have to go to college. There are a ton of great choices out there that don’t require a four-year degree. How do you know what’s for you? This What Should I Major In quiz will hopefully guide you in the right direction. If what you want to do is a trade, for instance, a mechanic, then college might not be for you, but you’re never going to get the cushy corner office without a degree. If you aren’t quite sure what you want to do, college is exactly where you should be. The entire world opens up to you while there, and with your new-found knowledge, you are armed to make a choice you are happy with. USA Today gives a great perspective from the student’s point of view. Apparently, there is more to College than partying.


2. What is important to you?


Not everyone has the same goal in mind. What is more important to you? Money? Helping people? Status? The environment? Following your dream to be a poet? An artist? Working in an environment where you are left alone, or surrounded by people? This Major Quiz should help you narrow down where you want to be. If your goal is helping children in the foster care system, and you are passionate about it, then you already know that you need to go to college to be a social worker. But if that were you, you wouldn’t be here taking the What Should I major in Quiz. But we’re not all there. This is where being open to anything comes in handy. Don’t be scared to try something new. You know you want to help people, but you don’t know how? Take all the classes you can in education, business, humanities, or psychology. Something will perk your interest and lead you in a direction. You just have to put in the work to find your thing. The Huffington Post has a great article to help you narrow it down.

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3. You don’t always get it right the first time


It’s terrifying. Picking a major and thinking that you’re stuck. You begin to take classes for that major and you hate them. You think it’s the most boring thing in the world. That’s awesome! Now you get to explore. You have to be willing to let go of your previous goal though. That’s the hardest part for most people. You have always wanted to be a vet, but once you start classes you realize you can’t stand the blood. You don’t HAVE to be a vet just because you like animals. Try something else. Anything else! Try a drawing class, or a history class, try a science, go nuts. You never know what will stick and you might be really surprised. You may also be surprised how much you can do to help animals without having to deal with the blood.


4. Stop jumping from job to job and take the what should I major in quiz


It’s tiring. You get a job, only to find out that you hate the work environment, so you get another job, but you aren’t mentally challenged there, you know you can do better. The pay is terrible. The commute isn’t worth it. You can’t get a schedule that works for you. This job doesn’t offer any health insurance. This goes on and on for a lot of us when we don’t have a degree to back us up. How does having a degree cut through all this? For one, you will have more options. You will generally have a myriad of career options to choose from, as well as possible employers, even when you get a very specific degree. Does it work better for you to work between six and two? You can negotiate that with a degree holding you up. Is staying in the same home important to you? You will be far more likely to find a job close to home with your degree opening doors. You can make the decisions about where you work, how far away it is from home, if you travel or not, your pay, your hours, your insurance, etc.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

5. Most people have no idea what they are doing


No, really. It’s not just you. All these other people don’t also ask the question what should I major in, and most of them are jumping in just as blind as you are. That’s why college is set up the way it is. Unless you are in a very specialized degree, you will have Elective Education classes that you have to finish to get your degree. This is a great place to explore. Take whatever class you want, it’s elective. Sure, you have to take a writing class to fulfill electives, but you can take one on comic books, or Shakespeare. Watch out, if you have elected a major you may be changing it after one of your elective classes piques your interest. That’s what they are for!


6. Adulting


It’s a fear. Adulting seems so hard. College creates a beautiful transitional phase for you, which creates a nice pillowy landing in the territory of adulting. You will have to deal with making sure money gets where it needs to be, budget, treat your classes like a 70hr work week, do your own laundry, shopping, keep your health up, you will learn to deal with adults and learn how to speak respectfully and with professionalism. Knowing what should I major in is a great start. Once you make it through college, adulting comes naturally. And the best part is that you will have the greatest time of your life learning the skills you need in the outside world.

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7. Take classes in your pajamas


So many schools offer online classes now, you really can take the class in your pajamas, and most of the time you can set your own schedule. The What You Should Major In Quiz will point you in the right direction. If you want to learn statistics at two in the morning, go for it. Online classes help when mixing them with in-person classes as well when your schedule is tight. You can take an on-campus class M, W, F, and online classes for the rest of the week. It makes it impossibly easy, minus the homework. Don’t lose yourself here though, you have to motivate yourself in online classes, you won’t have friends in class or a professor you don’t want to disappoint. The NY Times agrees that it can be a really hard thing to do.

8. Friends and networking


It’s a stereotype, but for a reason. You will make your best, and life-long friends in college. These are friends you will have been through college war with. You don’t come out the same, and these people were on the journey with you. The bond is strong. Especially if you join a fraternity or a sorority. There is another great perk to making a lot of friends in college. Some of them may go on to become someone very influential, and you will be able to use that person as a reference for the rest of your life. Or you may make a friend studying the same field as you. As they went through college with you, seeing you working on your craft, that will make them a fantastic reference as well. And don’t forget about your professors. Lifelong friendships happen there too, believe it or not. Being friends with a professor will open you up to a whole new idea of what a friendship is, and how to interact with different kinds of people. Professors are some of the most interesting people in the world if you just get to know them, and they make a great reference down the road as well!


You will have so many opportunities to travel. It’s worth it for that alone. There will be options to spend a semester abroad to study at a sister school in France, or take a six week trip to Brazil to teach English, or go to Cuba for 2 weeks to learn about the political history. You will be amazed at the amount of travel you can do, and you can do it on grants and scholarships! World travel really does change your life. You will come home with a completely different view of the world and will have obtained a huge amount of knowledge. It looks great on a resume as well! 


10.  What should I major in?


Hopefully, this Major Quiz has helped you become a little bit clearer in which direction you should take. The options are truly unlimited in college life. Jump in and take advantage of absolutely everything you can!


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Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

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