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What Should My Career Be Quiz – Free Match To Dream Careers

Aptitude Test Step 1 – The article below discusses how a “WHAT SHOULD MY CAREER BE QUIZ” can help you choose the specific career you love.

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What Should My Career Be Quiz- Free Job Test Helps You Pick A Career

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Important Note: This article was written by a contributor/reader of my website.  Contributor/reader opinions contain valuable insight and certainly worth reading.  With that said, contributor opinions may or may not represent my own personal opinions. If you are searching for a career you love- enter your email on this page and get my free “6 Proven Steps To Choosing The Lucrative Career You Love In 15 Days” mini course.  Best-Matt

There may be times when you feel at a loss when its time to get up for work, or on a Sunday night when it feels like the weekend has simply flown by and you have no enthusiasm for the week ahead. That’s because some jobs just don’t fit your personal criteria, which can be the doing or undoing of a successful career. Many people will never even consider or ask themselves “What should my career be?”.


Our personalities are distinct differences from person to person, so thankfully there are hundreds of different career choices we can choose to match our specific personality traits.


What should my career be?


Every person has strengths, these are the things that come naturally to us.

A career test can help you understand who you are as a person and help you align your strengths, motives, and drivers.

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Mismatching causes unexplained confusion


Gone are the days of thinking that if you are hired for a job then it must be well suited for you. Many smart people who offer a plethora of valuable skills can still under-perform if they are not in a situation that allows them to thrive. The same can happen if their energy and motives are not in balance with the job position’s direction.


Taking the time to take a career quiz can help you gauge your true passions and where your motivations come from. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which a career test can help you uncover what motivates you.


Live with a purpose


A “what should my career be quiz” can inspire you to live with purpose. If you partake in such a career quiz you will see more viable job options within organizations that can bring you a sense of personal fulfillment, but also promote the greater good of humanity. As cheesy as this sounds, if you can find a way to make a living that also benefits humanity then you will indeed feel like you are living with a purpose.


A true purpose provides you with fulfillment and also provides assistance to people in need.

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Strength in numbers


What should be my career? Are you a person who thrives working in a team environment? Taking a career quiz can align you with other people who have the same goals as you. This provides us with many networking contacts, as a lot of the time it is not what you know but who you know.


Networking is an important part of building your career. If you can meet, maintain and build close working relationships, then your career will benefit greatly and be more secure.


Enjoying a position of power by taking a what should my career be quiz


You may be a person who thrives under a position of power and being able to have a positive influence over others. This doesn’t necessarily mean you are on an ego trip, but status and recognition are a rewarding thing for you. If you are still asking yourself what should be my career and you are in a job that offers you no sense of power, you should try taking a career quiz to help you find a job role or career path that gives you a sense of empowerment.


If you naturally want to feel empowered but feel you are in a position that makes you feel weak, then its time to re-assess your situation.


If you are not yet familiar, here is a good definition of a Career Assessment.

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Continuing your sense of achievement with a what should my career be quiz


Taking a free career quiz may help you discover what motivates you. One of the main drivers for you may be the sense of achievement, places where you can perform in an environment where performance is clearly laid out for you and where tangible progress can be made on a regular basis.


People who enjoy a sense of daily achievement thrive on personal growth and appreciate the feedback. Feedback, when taken constructively, can be the difference between setting clear goals and measured progress OR a feeling like you are going nowhere. A career quiz will often help you find your way in both life and career.




By asking yourself “what should my career be?” or by taking a free career quiz, you may uncover unknown motivations.


Independent job positions often include choosing your own deadlines, who you work with, and what methods and tactics you use. If you do discover that you are this independent type of person, it does not always mean that you should look for a career that you have to do everything yourself. It simply suggests a career path where you can structure your own work.


A simple way to match your motives to your preferred job is to take a what should my career be quiz


Start by listing a few different jobs that spring to mind, then list the activities contained in each one. Color code each activity listed with a red, yellow, or green highlight. Red means it’s a part of the job you won’t like, yellow being undecided, and green being one you would enjoy doing.


For this, to work you need to reflect on your past experiences and be very deliberate. If 70% or more of the activities are colored green then you know the job matches your motives. If the majority is red then you know that particular job role is probably not for you.

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Different strokes for different folks


Every one of us has more than one motive in life, as previously mentioned in this article. An example of this would be a marketing consultant that is highly motivated for achievement and power but would consider themselves low in networking interest.


Thriving entrepreneurs would often be steered more toward constant high achievement and a sense of purpose. We implore you to keep looking within yourself and ask what should be my career?


Being skilled at something doesn’t mean it matches your motives. When we utilize our skills and ignore our motives it can lead to an unhappy balance. One-third of our lives will be spent in our career so we should take the time to find something that fulfills us.


You wouldn’t keep the wrong people in your life every day, or eat the same foods you don’t like every day so why on earth should your career path be any different? A career quiz can help formulate and highlight everything that we have previously discussed in this article.


When you can gain insight from taking such career tests and understand your traits- strengths, weaknesses, motives, skills, etc, you can open your world up to more opportunities.


Here is an interesting article on what defines a dream job.


The Survey says!


The University of Western Cape conducted a study that revealed the direct correlation with job satisfaction and career guidance services. The study has displayed that individuals who partake in a career assessment quiz are much more likely to match to a job that personally suits them.


When people don’t take a career aptitude test, 60% fail in finding career satisfaction.


If you need help with your career, I encourage you to SIGN UP for my Career Aptitude Test

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

Find The Career You Love - Match To 1000 Well Paying Careers - Takes Minutes

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